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Introduce myself, a little bit late..


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Hi I've been here for a month now, i like Chod's cheese and this comunity as well

I born and living in Rome, Italy.
FPS gamer since I was child, starting from the earliest first Wolfestein 3D,Doom,Stellar and Prince of Persia, played with my Father old PC, a Lemon II an italian version of the more famous Apple II (More or less) up to Counter Strike, Battlefield, Call of duty and so on.
I like also editing videos, painting Warhammer 40k scale miniatures, draw, play guitar and listen good music, from Metallica to more "light" music like The cure, Smiths. R.E.M etc.
I work as a waiter in a luxury Hotel in Rome.

See ya in the forum! ?


ps: sorry for my bad english ?

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