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  1. chancemormon

    WTS Standard EFT account

    no im just trolling. what do u think?
  2. chancemormon

    WTS Standard EFT account

    As I said, it's a standard account. I don't know what the stash is, I haven't logged in to it. Yes, I logged in on the website to see if I can change it to my e-mail, which I could, so yes, you can directly change it to your own e-mail (tho the website says it takes 2 weeks)
  3. chancemormon

    WTS Standard EFT account

    A no-name streamer was doing a giveaway of his standard account and I won it, seeing as I have several already I'll just sell it for 20$ through paypal. I've never even logged into it, but you can change e-mail to yours and whatever.
  4. chancemormon

    How to get invited to private discord

    Can I get an invite pl0x0r?
  5. chancemormon

    Last detection

    This shit is pretty safe. Been going since August and havent been hit with a ban yet on any of my accounts
  6. chancemormon

    trouble playing raids with the cheese

    Try reinstalling your game? Does it only happen with cheese enabled?
  7. chancemormon

    escape from turkov

    What a solid testimonial 10/10
  8. chancemormon

    new to forums

    Welcome bubba
  9. chancemormon

    Hello, New Here

    Welcome bub
  10. chancemormon

    My Menu Doesnt have a "Misc" option

    Wrong section papi
  11. chancemormon

    Favorite weapons/weapon setups in tarkov?!

    Gotta be the HK416 with max ergo
  12. chancemormon

    Introduce myself, a little bit late..

    Welcome young homie
  13. chancemormon

    🔥✅||Cheat Giveaway by Faceless||✅🔥

    EFT 4 lyfe
  14. chancemormon

    Searching new Moderator

    Name: Chance Location: Norway What you do(work/school..): I am an accountant with a bachelor in personal finance Age: 23 Languages: English fluently, Norwegian fluently, Swedish Online for x hours a day: 5-12 Experience with our products: Been using for about a month, but I have picked up a decent amount of knowledge just from using and reading about it on the forums and through other moderators etc. Relevant experience: Not sure if relevant, but used to be the owner of 12 dedicated Counter Strike servers with a maxed out playercount for about 3 years. Why you think you would be good for this position: Answering questions and resolving issues is what I do. Anything else: Faceless has this rigged 100%
  15. chancemormon

    Long and detailed review of the EFT cheese.

    any day, bub ❤️

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