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Cool Italian GIVEAWAY.


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This giveaway will end on 30/09/2018


Hi guys, since @CantThinkOfName is a BIG NOOB and he can't even pick a name

I decided to start this Giveaway where everyone can join.

To win this giveaway you need to comment with a possible username for our big noob moderator CTON.

(The username CanThinkOfName is NOT allowed and you can only post ONE username. If you post more than one, only the first one will be valid for the giveaway)


The name that HE will like the most will win 1 Month of any cheat you like (VIP NOT included).


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Information: I take all credit for this giveaway. I gave Oxyde the idea mentally. So react to this post for a better chance of getting the giveaway ;)

[Even though it doesn't have any effect on what CTON thinks of the name, it increased the chance in spirit, so do it .]

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