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  1. CantThinkOfName

    No BS review

    Thanks for the honest review, the aimbot has always been a tricky thing with EFT, Chod has been trying to fix it. There game is just shittly coded.
  2. CantThinkOfName

    My Hacks keep crashing

    Please create a support ticket.
  3. CantThinkOfName

    Cool Italian GIVEAWAY.

    @Blossom congrats on winning, Nameless might just stick
  4. CantThinkOfName

    Realm Royale

    This cheat does not have a menu. You will know its injected by the watermark in the top left. To inject follow these steps: Make sure the game is in windowed fullscreen/windowed. Fully close steam Run notepad as admin (Leave it blank as it does not matter) Open the hack and run realm royale. Open the game and wait 30 seconds to 2 minutes, a water mark will appear top left. Currently the cheat is ESP only. Aimbot should be added/fixed soon.
  5. CantThinkOfName

    Just a quick question

    What game are you talking about?
  6. CantThinkOfName

    Community Teamspeak

    Because of discords TOS doesn't seem worth it.
  7. CantThinkOfName

    Community Teamspeak

    Hello, Thanks to GhillieNiick for the server and the idea As some of you know we have some pretty strict discord requirements because of discord TOS. I have taken the liberty of creating a teamspeak for people to hang out and game in (For people who can/cant join discord), also i will be providing some support there. If you have any recommendations please add it in the comments. (Channels/tags) The rules are simple: 1) Flaming is not allowed. 2) No spam poking/PM'ing staff. IP: la.streamlinegames.com:9994
  8. CantThinkOfName

    Cool Italian GIVEAWAY.

  9. CantThinkOfName

    ItsMaverick...Maverick Shadowblade

  10. CantThinkOfName

    Cool Italian GIVEAWAY.

  11. CantThinkOfName

    Cool Italian GIVEAWAY.

    All these are horrible...
  12. CantThinkOfName

    Bonjour Everyone !

    Welcome to the community! Make sure to read the discord post.
  13. CantThinkOfName

    ready to get even

    Welcome to the chods community
  14. CantThinkOfName

    Loving this.

    Glad you are enjoying the cheat!
  15. CantThinkOfName

    How to get invited to discord 2.0

    No Done

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