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  1. You guys have to realize that that's a normal price for BE cheats. You pay for the security and features. One thing to add, Price is not set in stone and will be looked at before release. But since this thread is now people just complaining im gonna lock it,.
  2. Chod has been working extremely hard to get this out. When its done you will know.
  3. @Animu Thanks for all the kind words ❤️
  4. If it was removed then it was for a good reason. If Chod see's that it can be added back safely he will.
  5. Thanks for the honest review, the aimbot has always been a tricky thing with EFT, Chod has been trying to fix it. There game is just shittly coded.
  6. @Blossom congrats on winning, Nameless might just stick
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