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  1. Please don't grave dig old topics.
  3. Please don't bump old topics. Anything over a month would be considered old.
  4. "A lot of users seem to be confused". I'm glad you're not included but it's needed.
  5. We have a cheat status for a reason and don't discuss the status outside of that.
  6. Chad

    Rust Cheats

    Rust is VIP only. You can read more about VIP here:
  7. Please use the search function next time, there's no ETA.
  8. Why do you need to stare at the order exactly? Check every hour or something like that.
  9. You don't have a subscription to the cheat, that's probably why. It expired nearly a week ago.
  10. Please don't bump old topics and check the "Cheat Status" in the top right. But yes, it is.
  11. He's not an actual VIP. He was probably it at some point and his role was never changed.
  12. Chad

    Discord link?
  13. Use the search feature, this has been asked and answered. It's very unlikely.