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  1. Well still dont play this game.. 15$ offer? anyone? noone?
  2. well, 30$ last offer still we use middleman!
  3. if someone have offer we can talk about it..
  4. Heyo I want to sell my CoD ModernWarfare Standard Bnet account. This account only for COD! Rank 71 everything unlocked except the battlepass items/characters 40$ we use middleman!! Discord : BadJ0ker#8810
  5. Yo I have 3 key for Ghost Recon Breakpoint Alpha Test , Test will be live from 31st May (12 PM CEST) to 3rd June (12 PM CEST) Each key 20$ /only uplay/ discord: BadJ0ker#8810
  6. Yay someone pls there is the acc
  7. AC Odyssey Season pass + AC III Remastered added
  8. uhm.. can i BUMP this? 🙄