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  1. Wow thanks for this massive Update and the open and honest words. Now only the true supporters of Chod will stay! Stay strong
  2. @blub1609 may you want to share your reshade settings? looking for some for eft
  3. Really bad luck dude. Im not banned since using Chods 😎
  4. Woosh the Aimbot in this one But nice video man
  5. You should be "happy" about a downtime because the coders are care about our security so good. Ofc while the cheese is down you have to play legit, but better safe then sorry. Also you will be compensated for the downtime so you dont lose any of your sub time.
  6. Sooo since im so amazed by the cheese and this community (Coders, Staff - not Users :D) i want to write my opinions. First of all my native language isnt english so sorry for typos and misspelling or wrong grammar I dont use the Cheese to rage around, i like to be under the radar and be as much legit as possible. Also i bought the USB Stick which i will include in my review. Cheese and available features: 10/10 Dude this Cheese has so much features, most of them are just to much for legit hacking. The norecoil, nospread and nosway are working perfectly
  7. just bought the Stick after making the post - nerver mind, good luck to everyone!