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  1. I can sell you my Chods Cheats USB
  2. Trust Factor, they look at any other stored account data on u pc, and if those accounts are banned or have low trust factor, ur next account will be low.
  3. Question: I've recently forgot on how/what the program is to use to delete all data from steam when u get a ban on an account and u want to get a new one without any trace of that alt account ever being used on your computer, if anyone could please PM or link me down below what the name is or program is, that would be great. Regards, Nick
  4. I'm a smart intellectual, I don't need this pitty information, but thanks anyways
  5. Agree to Disagree. Thanks for the review
  6. GhillieNiick


    I cannot agree anymore, Chod and the team have done an extremely good effort to help the customers with providing us with safe, well-coded cheats. Also very fast support replies and very friendly and fun to speak to.
  7. Ooooft. Thanks for the head up. Good Advice ❤️
  8. Thanks for the kind words of the review.