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  1. EFT Standard Edition : 35$ / £25 Any other edition of the game is available just let me know. Region: RUSSIA / CIS note: you can use a VPN to access the account in other regions, you only need the VPN the first time you log in, after that you can play on your local servers without a VPN Full email access You can change the email or password if you wish If you have any other questions or are interested let me know on discord: Archie#4722 or join my discord server: https://discord.gg/XNqe83ekK8
  2. Archie's Carry Service / Rouble Shop -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One Carry: $4 / £2.80 Five Carries: $19 / £13.40 Ten Carries: $37 / £26.10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extras -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Autounlocker (all doors unlocked for you) : 3$ / £2.15 per raid This can include red keycard room on labs (currently 90 million roubles on the market!) If purchasing 2 or more carries, you ca
  3. bump I have 2 accounts for sale both standard both can change email and password right now
  4. Cheap Escape from Tarkov EU Accounts Standard Edition Region: EU Price: £25 / 31$ / 28 EUR Edge of Darkness Edition Region: EU Price: £65 / 79$ / 74 EUR Payment Paypal (friends and family) Amazon eGiftCard BTC Notes Email and Password can be changed at any time All accounts have 0 hrs playtime never been logged into except on website. If you already have an account on the website without the game, I can use that account to give you your edition of the game. Left Behind and Prepare for Escape Editions of the gam