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Found 6 results

  1. Hi , i'm opening a dbd service so i sell more options of items and more: 1 Milion BloodPoints 2,5 € 5 Milion BloodPoints 5€ 10 Milion BloodPoints 7,5€ 20 Milion BloodPoints 10€ Remove bloodpoints 3€ ------------------------------- 5k Auric cells 5€ 10k Auric Cells 10€ 20k Auric Cells 15€ Remove auric cells 3€ ------------------------------- 100 all of items / offerings / addons 5€ 200 all of items / offerings / addons 7€ 300 all of items / offerings / addons 10€ ------------------------------ Prestige all characters 10€ ------------------------------ Exclusives on all characters 10€ ------------------------------ Legacy on 3 characters 5€ Legacy on all characters 10€ You can buy this services only from my discord my personal discord : kalcumare#4710
  2. Free 5 mil rouble give away drawing to anyone that has bought any kind of roubles or cards! Jonezys Roubles. Items and Redkeycards $.90 = 1million roubles + fee coverage $1.80 = 2 million roubles + fee coverage $2.70 = 3 million roubles + fee coverage $3.60 = 4 million roubles + fee coverage $4.50 = 5 million roubles + fee coverage $5.40 = 6 million roubles + fee coverage $6.30 = 7 million roubles + fee coverage $7.20 = 8 million roubles + fee coverage $8.10 = 9 million roubles + fee coverage $9.00 = 10 million roubles + fee coverage etc... I will not run out of roubles so how ever much you'd like $38.00 = 1 redkeycard + money case + fee coverage other items I will discuss with you on discord! My Discord: AdriftJonezy#6801 I have sold to many people privately on discord. Im finally opening up so please show support! I can use Paypal, Vemo, and Cashapp!
  3. Currently selling EFT roubles for as little as £1.00 per 1 million Will do other items as well if need but its cheaper for both of us if you just order roubles, in this case it is 1.00 x (cost of item in millions) to calculate the price of any item. Message Me on Discord for more information or for any questions you have: xItsArchie#8334 Deliveries done quickly, usually within 30 mins if contacted 5pm-10pm UK Time but done all day on weekends. Can use Chod's Cheats Middleman if you'd like, I personally don't mind but no refunds. Discounts are available for returning buyers, message me on discord for more information. Also to see proof of having the items message me there too. Note: No containers for sale as it's currently not possible. Preferred payment method: Online Amazon gift cards but I will occasionally do paypal through friends/family. Feedback: More feedback is available if you contact me on discord from other sites I sell on. NOTE: There is someone pretending to be me on other sites with the discord tag xItsArchie#9099, he has scammed users recently and I take no responsibility if you fall for it, please do not contact me about it.
  4. PLAYERITEMS Escape from Tarkov In-game Items! Website: https://shoppy.gg/@PlayerItems Features: - 20 plus products - Low prices - High quantities - Fast deliveries - Product bundling We are a business that values: - Satisfaction, integrity and ethical values - Product quality and reliability - Commitment to clients and deadlines - Direct, open, and honest communication - Developer interaction and transparency - Continual self-improvement and self-renewal F.A.Q. HOW ARE MY ITEMS DELIVERED? All items are delivered through the In-game Flea Market or through online raids. HOW DOES THE DELIVERY WORK? After your purchase is complete, you will need to create a listing for the purchased item(s) on the flea market in exchange for an inexpensive item. (e.g. AI-2 Medkit for ₽1,000,000 Roubles) We will then purchase the item as soon as possible, along with the fee for the listing. -- Always within 1-24 hours. WHAT IS THE TYPICAL DELIVERY TIME? As mentioned above the typical delivery time is within 1-24 hours. DO YOU PROVIDE REFUNDS? We do NOT provide refunds. However, we try to take each issue case by case. If you feel as if something is wrong, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. CAN I SELL YOU ITEMS? Yes, but this varies from offer to offer. If you are interested in selling us items-preferably in bulk-contact us through *Removed* FOR MORE IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE, JOIN OUR DISCORD *Removed*
  5. Hi and welcome to EV0X BOOSTING SERVICE We offer very cheap and affordable boosting services for those who think they deserve more in CS:GO Prices are the lowest on the market and are always negotiable,we are all good people after all Message me on this forum or add me on Steam (Link Below) Prices:Silver - DMG: 2.50€ / rank DMG - Legendary Eagle Master: 5€ / rank Legendary Eagle Master - Supreme: 8€ / rank Supreme - Global: 10€ / rank As payment we accept PAYPAL,SKINS (20 % MORE) AND KEYS No bugs,exploits or cheats are used and you will never get banned Each game is on Global Level versus our bots and you will be able to get around 40-80 kills each games and up to 16 MVP'S Rank up is GUARANTEED Links: STEAM: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ev0xboost/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Ev0xBoosting Feel free to add me anytime and discuss GL HF
  6. hi this is my new store in this web and this rules ACCOUNTS ONLY UNVERIFIED not go first i´m trusted , vouches in others webs availables only accept paypal gift my e-mail paypal is ([email protected] ) account not vac banned support steam / skype : xxxgorexxxars add me / teamviewer possible use middleman only high trusted games included in accounts ( hl1 + hl2 or hl1 and hl2) hl1 = cs hl2 = css - accept new methods pay skrill,neteller 5 digits ( 11 €) STEAM_0:0:65ÑÑ2 unverified SOLD 6 digits ( 5 € ) STEAM_0:1:223ÑÑ8 cs profile on unverified STEAM_0:0:518ÑÑ2 cs profile off unverified STEAM_0:0:571ÑÑ5 cs profile on unverified STEAM_0:1:722ÑÑ6 cs unverified scammed : Skype: bluefoxre STEAM_0:1:765ÑÑ3 cs profile on unverified STEAM_0:0:804ÑÑ9 cs + css not profile create unverified STEAM_0:1:831ÑÑ2 cs profile on unverified
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