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  1. Covid-19 Special Prices New price for today 0.84 USD PER MILLION New price for today 0.69 GBP PER MILLION Hello welcome to my shop, I am selling EFT rubles for as little as £0.60 per million rubles or $0.74(subject to going rate). I am the safest trader on here. Repeat customers will receive 10% off your purchase. I can do items if you want but I do prefer to just do rubles as it's cheaper for both of us. If you do want a specific item the cost will be the same as the rubles so if said item costs 5 million rubles the price will be £3.00 or $3.70 if the item costs 10 million rubles then it's £6.00 or $7.40 Any taxes you have to pay for trades will be covered at no extra charge. *£ = GBP *$ = USD If spending over £60 or $74 I will throw in an extra 10% of roubles so £60 will get you 110 million rubles. If you want to refer a friend anything they buy you will receive 10% of what they got, If they get 50 million you get 5 million. You don't need to have purchased from me to refer anybody, Just have them tell me your name and make sure you add me if you're going to refer somebody! 250 Million rubles currently available Instant delivery upon payment. Open for business 7 days a week. Don't be caught out from anybody imitating to be me, Message me directly if you see anybody doing so or let the other sites admins/mods know referring this page. I only sell on chods-cheats see me anywhere else then its fake. Thanks for visiting my page, Take care protect yourself, protect others. ? Add me on discord Gibswal#3252
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