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About Me

  1. hello guys my name is pilipinobrine and i have a great service for you! I am using a UD chair for EFT and other games for your needs for Boosting! 3 dollars for 2 any raid maps (except labs) 5 dollars for 2 lab raids (get to keep all loot) 10 dollars for 10 raids (includes lab and any other map) All raids you can get to keep all the loot i get! if ur interested in getting them loot stacking add my discord 𝖕𝖆𝖎𝖓#7999 Valorant carrying service are you guys hardstuck in iron/silver/gold/plat? well i got the perfect solution for you! i got a Private chair for valorant to
  2. Hey want to sell my Escape from Tarkov Edge of Darkness account £82 PayPal only please Komrada#8690 on discord
  3. 🥳ESCAPE FROM TARKOV RAID CARRIES🥳 🆓Trial Raid = 1x Free of Charge Raid for every new customer If you do not enjoy the service after the FREE raid you DO NOT have to continue to use the service. I operate on SUCCESSFUL raids only (If you die in raid you get another free) 1x Successful Raid = £5 3x Successful Raids = £15 🧭4x Hours of Raids = £50 Questing = POR depending on the Quest Payment methods - Paypal & BTC Terms Of Service 1. Paypal payments must be sent as FF 2. Purchases a
  4. Paypal only , u can find all info for acc there : : BadJ0ker#8810gimme an offer Account Value/513€ — 1345€/ ofcourse this prize is not real from the steamdb.. but pls trolls leave me alone .
  5. Heya! I want to sell my CoD MW standard acc, coz i dont play the game anymore.. rank 75 tons of unlocked skins etc.. Paypal only, ofc with middleman!! discord: BadJ0ker#8810 prize 25$
  6. Selling Escape from Tarkov - Prepare for Escape edition Info: - Cheats of any kind has not been used by the previous user. - User has Christmas drop available. - Ingame character is wiped and ready for a fresh start. - User is not linked with any Twitch accounts. Prices: Normal price of a Prepare for Escape edition of the game is 80.00 USD. My starting price is 55.00 USD, but I will sell to the highest bidder, if there is one. Buying/bidding: If you want buy this or want to know if anyone has bid an amount you can contact me on my discord or leave a comment.
  7. Selling EFT standard game keys $26 usd, RU/CIS region. PM me if you want to buy one and I will send you my paypal. Middle man is not required. Discord: JadsterNZ1#6402
  8. I Find this game such a waste on my money and such and im willing to sell it for an offer over 30 usd.
  9. Hello i want to sell my Escape From Tarkov edge of darkness account. Payment paypal only asking 70euro (77us) pm me on discord : OrangeJesus#0913 safe middleman available
  10. Hi guys im selling my main steam account because A. I dont really play alot of video games anymore and im getting bored and B. I need some money to visit my girlfriend all the way in florida. my main account on steam is worth around 216 lowest price and todays price would be around 619 USD. Would like this gone before summer starts so if interested PM me. It has a total of 96 games and this link is all the games i own. PM me on here or on discord jagr034#8267 for more details. And yes we are using a middle man!
  11. Heyo I want to sell my CoD ModernWarfare Standard Bnet account. This account only for COD! Rank 71 everything unlocked except the battlepass items/characters 40$ we use middleman!! Discord : BadJ0ker#8810
  12. I need to sell today and since i lost passion for tarkov I wont be able to play anytime soon. also starting price is 30-40 negotiable. add me on discord jagr034#8267. as i said i need this account gone. will give full email access and password.
  13. Hey, I'm here to sell the cheapest Black Ops III Recovery Service there is. If you guys are interested, look at these prices and PM/DM me. How I do my recoveries: Prices and Customer Reviews can be found down below.
  14. HI guys my name is jagr0399 and I have a NA Edge of Darkness edition of escape from tarkov I have two accounts and i barely use this EOD so im willing to sell it to anyone interested. starting price is 65$ but we can go lower or higher and negotiate it. of course, with this type of item for sale I want to use a trusted middle man from this website. add me on discord jagr034#8267 or comment on this post.
  15. As the topic shows Im selling a EOD account has nothing in it just the things u start with. offers up to 60 and above only.
  16. Im selling an eod account, payment through paypal, you give first or we use middle man
  17. Hello Not much game but i try to sell it. $60 (or nearest offer) on discord: sheet84#8810 Ofc with middleman! AC odyssey AC origins Rx6 etc.. / /
  18. Every lvl. 2 account has been leveled up with my walkbot. CS:GO Lvl. 2 (Matchmaking Ready) Accounts:1x = 0.50€ (0.56$) each Account 10x = 0.35€ (0.40$) each AccountOn Stock: 24CS:GO Prime Accounts:1x = 7€ (7,91$) each Account10x = 6€ (6,78$) each AccountOn Stock: >50 Email changes are only available at the Prime Account's.payment methods: paypal oder bitcoincontact options: telegram/snego and PM
  20. Hi Want to sell my Black ops 4 account ( never used any cheats ) - prestige master - black market 348 - Diamond Camo assault rifles - 4 mastercraft skin - only black ops in battle net account. - free name change available - free battletag change available prize ~100$ more info discord : sheet84#8810 psi: with middleman!
  21. hello, i am selling my Uplay-Account. Paypal and Middleman! Price 25€
  22. Heyo i want to sell LoL account . Booster account, low rank (s3 atm) 36 champs 15k BE Paypal only , and middleman!
  23. Account has 6+ Million roubles, 21k euro, 21k Dollars, the account is level 34 Prapor, Therapist and peacekeeper maxxed out all other traders level 3, If you want screen shots dm me on discord Price: 85 pounds Region: EU Payment method: Paypal F&F Discord: xsd#9141 This is my account dont really play anymore so thats why I am selling. Any other questions contact me on discord.
  24. Currently got 2 accounts (brand new) and some cd-keys. Region is Europe.. that means you can login/play worldwide 70 euros for a key Payment through bitcoin only or steam gift card (you can buy steam gift cards with paypal) Post here or PM
  25. Account type: Edge of Darkness edition(obviously unbanned) Items: Not sure whats there, probally not much but you probally have chods, so what do you care. Price: 75USD (can nego) Payment method: Paypal (F&F) Region: US/CA/NA Not a stolen or cracked account Proof of access: I am more than willing to use a trusted middleman from Chods. If you would like any other proof feel free to contact me here(not very active though) or on Discord(very active)Infectious V2#0108.