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  1. I don't know guys, the part where he states that Chod has a massive USB stick seems legit. Big dongle hanging from his desktop.
  2. As someone very famous on the old version of the cheat was saying all the time : "I hope they fixed the god damn aimbot this time" :"-))))))) Also, I can't wait to go out, raging at each and every player I encounter. Gonna be a fun one blasting heads off some shoulders.
  3. I can't say for sure as I am no staff. But I am 99% positive, you'll have no trouble getting the good stuff for EFT as soon as it's ready
  4. On another note, any chance some USB sticks are gonna be available in the shop any time soon? Lost mine while moving, I miss it very much.
  5. The latest news sound great, can't wait to see what's doable with the scripting feature.
  6. Yup this site is a lifesaver, good one for putting it out here.
  7. If I get banned, you'll know But aside of that, Faceless gave everything there is to know. There was a ban wave a long time ago, since then, I've been "raging" and I'm all good. No clip, aim bot, and what not.
  8. What a loser lmao, has to cheat to be good.
  9. Inb4 he tells us he's gonna take his CCNA cert and that's why he needs to know x)
  10. Yea, like "mhmm let's do some new treat and calling it with a racist name is gonna make it sell well". 🤔