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  1. Chods Customer discount is no longer available. I will be removing it from the thread when I'm at my pc.
  2. EFT accounts available again. Both EUR and CIS. Rust & DayZ are out of stock.
  3. Spi13 Accounts Service Cheap, Legitimate and fully accessible accounts with warranty! Accepted Payments : Paypal (F&F only) & BitCoin. Account Email is provided with ALL accounts. Accounts are all legitimate with 0 Hours unless specified otherwise. In which case the accounts are cheat free. CHEAPER THAN G2G GUARANTEED ON ALL CHODS RELATED GAMES Price match - If you find it cheaper elsewhere, depending on source and seller rep I may match price. Contact me on Discord to purchase - Spied#2497 We can use middleman from this forum however you w
  4. You just had to tell him. I'm charging that 100 back now.
  5. Appreciate it 😀 glad to see you're happy here ❤
  6. Thanks for the review and glad to hear you and your friend are enjoying it!
  7. Incorrect. He spent months and months developing the new framework. Which has done extremely well to support EAC games. It didn't fail. It's done well. Unfortunately the same can not be said for Tarkovs BE. But this does not mean we're ditching Tarkov. Chod has and is working very hard on new security against BE. This can not be rushed obviously and certainly isnt something you can add in overnight. EFT BE does not mess around. Then we can move onto other BE games.
  8. That is wrong. A lot of Sandisks and other providers USBs are set as HDs and thus don't work.
  9. Hi there and welcome to Chods Our cheats are Internal and require you to enabled Virtualisation in your BIOS. There is a slight performance hit as expected but the cheats are highly optimised so you shouldn't see a massive impact. That being said the cheats are optimised for Intel so AMD users will see a slightly higher performance drop.
  10. Thanks for the review glad to hear you're enjoying it
  11. Hard to really put a time on that. My rage account has probably 80 games, 12 KD and no ban yet.
  12. Hi there, The screenshots are out of date, all listed features are in the cheat. The first video on the chods store for apex showcases the updated menus at the end of the vid :D.
  13. Hi there, We have not abandoned EFT. And yes as always, we can't put an ETA on safety
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    Thanks for the review