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A project development blog for those who enjoy techy code stuff

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The challenges of a modern game hacker

Gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment worldwide, with millions of players spending countless hours exploring virtual worlds, battling against other players, and completing quests. However, some players look for ways to gain an unfair advantage by using cheats or hacks to manipulate the game's mechanics. To counter this, game developers have implemented anti-cheat systems to prevent such behavior.   Modern anti-cheat systems use sophisticated techniques to detect and


Chod in Musings

DevBlog 02: Improving on the old framework's GUI

The old version of the framework was first developed in 2016, and at the time seemed like the best project I had written so far in terms of flexibility, reusability and certainly from a design point-of-view. However, over the years it got chopped and changed so much that it became a bombsite of code; it worked, but was not pleasant to work with.   One thing in particular that became apparent over time, was that developing cheats with the old framework was quite time consuming. This was



DevBlog 01: Font improvements and math failures

Today I had planned to implement some more of the missing features into Tarkov, and did eventually end up achieving that, but ended up spending far too long doing smaller jobs.    The first thing on my list was to implement loot esp into Tarkov. Simple enough, as it was mostly a case of copying the code from the old cheat into the new one and fixing up the differences. Well, for the most part this was true, except I made a stupid typo in the vector class that took me over 2 hours to di



Welcome to the DevBlog!

I've been wanting to start a devblog for some time, and in hindsight I wish I had started it months ago when I first started working on the new framework, but I suppose its not too late. Anyway, the point of this is to give you some insight into how I do things from a coding perspective, show you what I am working on currently, and some previews of things to come.    What with all the changes happening currently it seems like it would also be a good way to keep you all engaged and inte



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