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  1. Pfy

    Hey fam!

    Sup guys, im Pfy! Halo 3 was life but Apex will do! Me rocking my Master Chief gear saying whats up?!
  2. Pfy


    Hey guys! Im just asking to see if there is any plan to have any Spoofers available in store at any time as I definitely would support that if you did! Thanks!
  3. Pfy

    Apex Review

    Firstly id like to say I've tried many injectors before through several well known sites and chods is by far at the top by miles. I play legit but sometimes I like to spice it up and have some aggressive games and do a little boosting with my pals. I dont like being sus so overall the aim settings provided are easy to use and figure out to get the least sus settings as possible as I want my gameplay to look natural every game. Being able to have auto bot turn off while being spectated by teammates and ppl you killed is a valuable asset to have as it makes you look
  4. Pfy

    Spoofer Use

    Thanks @Feary for the quick reply, I currently use an EAC undetected spoofer that works great and have been for months. I was unsure if it would cause any issues with your injectors but now I know it will work great once Apex is back online. Same way I've always done it then, load injector-inject-spoof and play. Thanks!!
  5. Hey fam, Just curious if we can use our own hwid spoofers and if they work with chods or if we should use chod specific ones. Thanks guys!