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DayZ FPS Optimizations


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Hey guys, with the upcomming DayZ cheese i figured more ppl would play DayZ and some ppl might start playing it again, but Dayz can be a bitch to run due to semi bad FPS.

So if you feel that you dont get the FPS you should have, i found a really good video guide on how to increase your performance in DayZ.


i got a i9 cpu @ 5.2ghz, RTX 2080ti OC and i went from roughly 100fps to 180fps with this guide, so its kinda amazing.


i hope this helps ya'll if your lacking in FPS as DayZ with low fps is a bitch! - i did not make this guide just sharing it with everyone as it helpd me get alot more FPS.




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Good job posting this but DayZ should be played with so-called battle settings and those are basically everything low / very low but texture detail and render... no need to "cripple" your pc and game with "game boosters".

The devs did optimized this game a lot so if you meet the minimum requirements you're fine.


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Meh, i guess this might be good help to some users but,

most of these 'game boosters' and stuff are purely just BS... Yeah you might get a few frames extra, but i wouldn't bother wasting my time lol.

But glad to hear that this helped you, hope it helps others!



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