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  1. 1. Game: Squad2. Engine: Unreal 4AC: Easy Anticheat 3. Chod could make a better one that's potentially not invite only.
  2. Great stuff, super appreciate the update sir.
  3. They call it "Allsorts". It's black licorice and also disgusting.
  4. In the spirit of positivity, let's see some your favourites.
  5. Calling this product candy is an abomination.
  6. Name: Prefer not to disclose publicly. Location: USA What you do(work/school..): Engineering Age: 32 Languages: English Online for x hours a day: 8-10 Experience with our products: EFT Relevant experience: Administrator of a private forum. Medium-size(400+) discord moderator. Medium-sized (2000+ concurrent) twitch channel moderator. Work in and manage small team on a daily basis. Why you think you would be good for this position: I am able to follow instruction and carry out tasks assigned to me without micromanagement. I possess excellent proble
  7. This very important for people to consider. BSG does some shady stuff with their video game.