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  1. im gonna give it away for free as nobody wants this game, the fastest one gets it
  2. Im going to lower to price to 15€ cause nobody wanted it.
  3. Tarkov is 0 fun without Cheese, im just to bad i guess.
  4. Hey, I want to sell my Rockstar Account it only has Red Dead 2 actived. I bought this game for 50€ but it keeps lagging for me. It seems like im forced to buy a PS4 with the Game... The price for the account is 30€ I'm only going to do the trade with a offical Middlemen!
  5. Welcome to Chod's, enjoy your stay!
  6. Can a tarkov pro please explain me how he managed to survive 2 head shots?
  7. It says "10% discount code". So i think it's a coupon code.
  8. You can purchase your cheat for the game you want here:
  9. Well the cheat is good but i dont enjoy the game. If you have fun playing Realm Royale you wont regret buying the cheat.
  10. Welcome to Chods, enjoy your stay. ❤️
  11. If you are new into Escape from Tarkov and you dont know how to mod weapons, this site will help you. cheers
  12. Are you searching weapon and item cases or are you offering them ?
  13. Acredito que não temos um representante brasileiro. Mas você pode comprar um Paysafecard e usar o Dexter como revendendor.