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  1. Name: Vern Location: Uk What you do(work/school..): retired Age: 41 Languages: English/ however google translator is always on hand should it be needed. Online for x hours a day: Roughly 8-12 hours per day Experience with our products: I have used your EFT product for several months now and feel i could give basic & advanced help to any member that needs it. Relevant experience: I used to work for bigpoint a gaming company where I would answer customer’s queries via email, forums and in game chat, I would provide technical help as and when needed as well as performing a variety of administrative tasks throughout a number of there games. i also have experience working for British telecom providing broadband technical help via phone,email, and live chat so this is nothing i have not done before. Why you think you would be good for this position: I feel I would be a great addition to the team as i possess a combination of skills and experience in a customer service based role’s both in real life and in game I can also maintain a friendly manner and calm, positive demeanour when handling complaints. Anything else: should i become shortlisted i can be contacted via, email, in-site mail or directly via discord. i would also like to wish everyone else whom has applied the best of luck. i also have been a supporter since the first day it was introduced, however funds are a bit low at the moment being retired so i am unable to keep up with that at this present time.
  2. should i be lucky i would like an eft key please. good luck to everyone whom enters, -PirateHunter
  3. please count me in this giveaway tarkov please and good luck to everyone else involved
  4. Good luck to everyone else who entered and thanks for this giveaway eft would be very nice
  5. could i be in this one please, good luck to everyone who has entered also
  6. Thanks @DIGITAL this is very generous and love the t-shirt i,ll post a pic of me wearing it when i have received it thanks again my friend
  7. thanks very much for this, good luck to all involved
  8. whats the name of the song my friend ?
  9. Thank you for the giveaway good luck to everyone my number is 40 size xl should i be a lucky winner
  10. Thank you for the giveaway good luck to everyone
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