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  1. Game: Warframe Engine: Evolution Engine I wouldn't mind something to make my mindless grind more efficient or faster.
  2. Mostly working and waiting new books to arrive from amazon so I can get back to reading.
  3. @retroonestar I sure noticed EFT being down after getting acc banned Joking aside, CS:GO cheese is boasting wide variety of customization now that I checked it. Haven't played it for a while though. I'll be probably waiting for something new from Chod since CoD:ww2 was a bit of a flop as game.
  4. From Chod's brochure, EFT is the only one that I've used. It has been the best out EFT cheats I've used due low performance impact and abundance of solid features that other cheats might not have.
  5. Personally I've bought accounts from a third party so no direct connection to BSG. There's always risks for getting account disabled that way but so far I haven't had a problem. If you do that though, use a middleman if possible.