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  1. There is a website, where you can get 1mil for 0.2 usd, so it’s a better option there, don’t believe me? Check for yourself
  2. as much as it seems good, i'd stick to buying keys tbh
  3. You can get cheap standard edition keys in various websites, not sure if i'm allowed to tell you which ones though,
  4. Sounds good, case solved please lock.
  5. No permission to view the content you just sent me.
  6. That's a real funny price i gotta say.
  7. If i were to ever even think about buying the EFT cheat, i want to know the risks of buying it, and whether there is a marketplace for cheat owners to buy cheap eft cracked accs or normal keys, and how can we get banned and what we can do not to get banned.