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Cheat giveaway by Oxyde (but faster)


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Welcome to my giveaway! (totally not copied from the Faceless one)

There will be 1 winners this time. I will randomly choose him/her in 3 days! (30.03.2019)

The winner will get:
(insert fire emoji)1x Cheat subscription of your choice for 1 month (insert fire emoji)
(Not included: VIP cheats, CS:GO with stream proofing / EAC support)

To be part of the giveaway you have to react to the post. (don't forget to write which cheat you want!)

The winner will receive the subscription in form of a key which can be redeemed at any time via this link: https://chods-cheats.com/resellers/?do=activate


Thanks to faceless because he agreed to let me copy and paste his format :) 


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