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New winner of USB giveaway!


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Hello Beautiful people! 

We had USB giveaway winner few days ago and I tried so many times but never got contact with previous winner.
I'm so sorry for the previous winner but at the same time I'm very happy for the NEW WINNER!!!!
Thank you again for participating! 
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Hells yes I am accepting!  With open arms and super gratitude.  I feel sorry for the guy that missed out, but I am happy I got the 2nd chance win!

This is such an awesome community, not just for the giveaways but just the general attitude of the people.  I was honestly (and please do not take this offensively) expecting a bunch of pre-pubescent hormonal teens in here screeching about giv me my cheatz nubtardz usuxxorz wtfpwnt roflcopterwithasideofwafflez.  Instead I found a more mature, more respectful group of people than the game that drove me here.  That is amazing to me.  I honestly never expected a community this great. 
Sorry for the book

TL:DR  Thank you very much!

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