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In celebration of our server releasing for CSGO (I know im like a month late) I will be hosting a giveaway for one of our cheats (Trusted cheats not included):

To win this giveaway you must simply, beat me in a 1v1 (HVH) on Chod's HvH server.

First one to beat me will get the cheat, this giveaway will continue until someone beats me.

(Comment below your steam link)

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16 minutes ago, Oxyde said:

Yeah I thought he needed some help :P And Dex has his private build so he can't join this givwaway. 

Well it all comes down to trust and I guess Dexter is pretty trustworthy. 
If we all agree to use basic Chods version it'll be a fair game right?
COTN already showed his true colors ^^ 
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