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  1. I don’t know what happened I had one game that the school checks did good skill checks as well as great but now every game is nothing but great skill checks again, so I’m not quite sure if it was coded or if my Internet was just slow
  2. I just want to say thanks and you got it done well and in a timely manner thanks for fixing the problem with vaulting and pallet drop, and thanks for improving the skill check so it fluctuates between different positions both good and great!!!
  3. How do I suggest a featureFor the Dead by Daylight cheats
  4. What exactly does ghost mode do?
  5. Does anyone have the problem of all the pallet drop freezing and not working?
  6. Also one of the developers can notice that you’re getting a great skill check every time By looking at your stats
  7. Concerned about too many great skill checks The skill check doesn’t do good skill checks at all it’s always great and what if other players report you for cheating because of that?
  8. OK so just to clarify it’s all about how you use it and if you make yourself obvious it’s not so much that it would be detected by anti-cheat?
  9. Why are some cheats risky? Is it because people please see you using them and report you, or is it because the anti-cheap program may Notice the code?