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Found 13 results

  1. I know the cheat is currently down and im not really that good but if anyone wants to play let me know. Thanks
  2. I've always enjoyed cheating in FPS games like Paladins or battlefield because I generally have crappy aim. lol. Some games make it really hard to cheat though and still look legit like Valorant. The Sea of thieves cheat offered here was great because there was no way to spectate me and I never was worried about being banned. Sometimes though trying not to get caught is part of the thrill for me. Anyways I was wondering what kind of games the people of Chod's like cheating in the most and why.
  3. Hello Chods community, Iam ATM on search for the Big cheese in the Game Apex legends. But i have seen out of stock and Outdated as a Selling and Status Update. I just wanted to know if their is ATM a Hold on this or if anything else is Happening to it. Cause i would love to see a Good and very Secure ( Account net Worth around 800 € ) cheese. Kind regards in to Community A new Member
  4. will we see a return of the dayz cheat anytime soon (not asking for eta)? ive been looking around for one for quite a while now, i would be satisfied with a radar or esp - nothing more needed for dayz tbh. So yeah, any plans regarding this? cheers
  5. I have to ask what does the FOV and Smoothing do with Aimbots and is the Aimbot for Hunt Showdown from the roadmap still in the Works?.
  6. I would like to know if they can or are interested in designing a software for ARK: Survival Evolve. The problem is that I have seen some others but they are not designed for your anti-cheat system. Battle Eye I would like to know if you could offer it, could sell it quite expensive and I would pay for it. I hope you have read my proposal and it has interested you, thank you for your attention.
  7. Hi everyone first english is not my first language so forgive me for my bad english. I am thinking on buying chods eft cheat but the truth is i like this game a lot i enjoy playing legit but this last month just were boring because i feel that everyone was using cheats and i was having a bad time. So this is the question can someone tell me how often do you guys see another players with cheats if its really a lot of players using esp i will just buy it and have a good time. Im sorry if i am breaking any rules with this post and thanks for your time
  8. Going on four hours now and I made a support ticket for it. I purchased a cheat for EFT and the FAQ says transaction approvals are usually automatic unless there's a vendor issue or it's flagged for manual review. The only problem I can think of is that I'm in the USA and use USD on my PayPal, so PayPal had to convert to GBP for the purchase to be completed.
  9. I was looking at the forums and whatnot and I couldn't find anything to do with people posting their own Configs. Is there a place where they are found, or do you not have anywhere? Just that when I buy this tomorrow I wanna use the cheat and not get banned. With using minimal things. Thanks.
  10. Hey there, I'm new to the site and am also new to cheating in general, and was looking for some answers regarding Escape From Tarkov and it's Anti-Cheat system. I know almost all of the "good" players are using ESP. I wanted to know how likely is it for me to get caught if I was using ESP only on Tarkov if I use Chod's Cheats? Thank you for your time.
  11. Hello everyone! Just wondering if there is a script/program that can remove all registry keys from Steam. Why you might ask: Because I cheat on Team Fortress 2 and some other source engine games a lot and don't want Valve to track back to my main account. Kindly regards, Joro.
  12. So a guy I know told me about this and wanted to check it out. But the cheat is 'out of stock'? What does that mean and when will it be in stock again?
  13. 0.7 patch 's ingame fov is killing me. I want to ask can i use chod's cheats to change ingame fov to make it above 75?