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  1. Yikes, been a long time since I was around here, looks like ruff times.
  2. No registered EU company would be stupid enough to make cheats for any game on Blizzard after HonorBuddy get sued to shit, also Blizzard has stellar in-house detection, literally killed the complete bot scene. They can literally detect any in or out of process applications. That being said I don't ever see Destiny 2 happening especially by Chods which is registered company not worth being sued.
  3. Thanks, but I never insisted on it being a priority.
  4. This game is promising and actually pretty good, any change we will see cheats for it? It appears they use EAC for anti-cheat and I can't find any legit providers that offer it. Currently, it's in open beta. Not sure if I can even post a link to the game so you will have to Google it.
  5. Me too, I'm waiting for ROS to come back up since the new season is out.
  6. Damn dude, they're in Thailand... and you're stuck in Germany... what a pity. Welcome to Chods mate.
  7. Thank you for your thoughtful review! Enjoy your stay!
  8. Welcome to Chods Cheats friend, have fun!
  9. Crypto is dangerous and bad long term investment. With Governments outlawing it, or planning on outlawing it, and with the trading platforms being monitored by the Governments it's just not ideal. Anyone that has traded or is an active trader you would know what Im talking about, while some people made it out rich early in the game that was awesome, but as it stands right now it's a bust. Bitcoin is not truly untraceable, unlike Monero.
  10. Welcome to Chods have fun!
  11. I do not play with Aimbot, it works, but really don't need it when you have instakill and unlimited ammo.
  12. Hey welcome to Chods my friend! if you have any questions or just want to chat feel free to shoot a message or post a forum post!
  13. Chods thanks you very much for your kind comments, and so does the community.
  14. Thank you for your honest felt review.
  15. Damn dude 11/10 you went all out on that! lol... thanks for the review mate!
  16. First off welcome to Chods! Sorry to hear about your loss! I have been in the same situation as you when it comes to using cheats that didn't stand the test. Getting yourself an invite on Chods can be a little challenging to say the least. As you can see... I have not trusted status myself and well I've been doing as they ask such as be active, be helpful, and contribute to the community. Still... here I am untrusted and somehow using their cheats on non invitational cheats. Suggestion to you, get cozy with the staff, the more they like you, the more your chances will increase. I tried the other way... did not work. I never tried the get cozy with staff so that would be the only option left lmao.
  17. When you're working on getting invites from the staff on Chods. 


    1. Jamasami


      That seems pretty right...

    2. getrekt5912


      Holy shit lol. Literally brown nosing

  18. I did have a pair of HyperX but I really didn't like the sound quality of them. How was the sound quality compared to the Sennheisers?
  19. Super good but it's very expensive even if I think is the best Headst you can get I'm not to worried about the price, just more the quality. I paid around $400 for my current headset when I bought them, but wasn't happy with them, the quality was just terrible.
  20. Sennheiser game zero How is this headset ? I had a friend tell me about these and suggest them, but he never owned them so I really don't want to take second hand advice from someone that hasn't owned them.
  21. Thank you for your review! Surely will help others looking for real information decide their cheating fate.
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