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  1. Hi! I've been a member of Chod's for roughly 2.5 years now lol. I havent really been playing any of the games that are offered in the past but been around as a lurker in hopes of EFT coming back and more recently I started getting into Dayz again after I saw how decent/far the game has come since release. Ive been around the hacking/scripting/modding/botting scene since back in the Arma 2 Dayz modded era and botting in wow back in MoP(Mists of Pandaria). I generally dont play FPS due to slower than average reaction time and being partial deaf due to sinus issues growing up(ear infections and tubes sadly), so i generally have to use third party programs to allow me to compete at a good enough level. With my recent grinding of Dayz, I knew I needed to get Chod's Dayz cheese to allow me to play it. So thats my intro lol.
  2. Hey everyone. I’m Pistachio. I just discovered this site a few days ago. Looks super legit and I’m excited to try out some of these tasty Cheez-Its. I’ve been around the Cheez community from other providers for about 3 years now. I’m glad to have found this site.. which seems to have a great selection, and an active community. Look forward to seeing some of you around in the forums. happy cheezing.
  3. Hey everyone! Just wanted to introduce my self. Muddy from Australia. Feel free to say hey and whatnot, always down for a game with people Hope to see you all around the forum
  4. Hello everyone, I’ve been here for awhile now never knew this was a thing. But here I am I enjoy gaming as I assume most people do here. I mostly play tarkov legit and non legit IVE been using chods since I heard of them almost a year ago I love it so much best staff 10/10. But I hope everyone is having a great day can’t wait for EFT cheats to come back up!<3
  5. Hi all, It was a warm welcome for me within the community, within the first hours I learned about the use of the word cheese. Therefore I am a noob to the whole hacking genre as I had no clue what you all were talking about. However I am loving every minute of it. Too bad though, my luck ran out pretty soon as the cheat went down 3 days after my ourchase. But I have faith in the masters work of art. Thank you all for being so welcome of newcomers. Greetings, D
  6. Hi, my names Touchy, i mainly play EFT. I love the fuckin cheese that boss-man Chod's providing, totally support the lad. I'm a chill guy, down for a game of EFT at anytime as long as i'm available. Hit me up, wink.
  7. Heyho it's me, Dave The reason i came here is obvious, im here to cheat. The only game i ever cheated on is Paladins, i spent more than 3k hours cheating in that damn game. I never got banned yet but since the EAC got an update, my cheat provider discontinued the cheat. Now i came here to use the Paladins cheat hoho, i'm curious to use it for tha first time ?‍♂️ After one weekend here i met so many nice people ^^ Over & Out, ya boi Dave
  8. Hello there! My anonymous name is Zippy! I'm just a person who loves graphic art like videos and photography and posting it on the internet. Day one on this site, I knew I'd like it here. The cheats are pricey but are of top quality, the support is amazing, and what really pushed me over the edge was the overwhelming support from the community that has been established here. I look forward to meeting everyone!
  9. Hey my name is Corleone, 13 years old and im from Germany. I found your website via Google and i love all of your cheese ❤️ English is not my main language, there may be some grammar mistakes in my further reply/threads so please be sympathetic. Corleone
  10. Hello my name is Cthulhu4Prez, but you can call me Cthulhu. I look forward to joining this community and helping grow and improve these cheats. From what I have seen it is a very kind and generous group and I look forward to contributing. I will probably focus on EFT once it becomes undetected again, but if another cheat for a game I play comes out I will check it out. Any suggestions/info to help me get started would be much appreciated.
  11. Hi everyone, I am roasterman, people usually just call me lennart, im new to the community, I've been looking all over for a trusted community and I've been spending the last 3 days look for good pubg ESP ( I only want an ESP because I don't want to be obivous) and the same goes for R6S, but anyway just here to wish everyone a nice weekend, and well if anyone ever wants to talk just shoot me a PM or add me on discord Jurrien S.#7801 Good day to all have a wonderful weekend!
  12. Hi im Boom as u can see i wanted to tell you i have heard about this site in the past now i am here to see what its like in here i'm enjoying at the moment KEEP GOING BOISS and girls
  13. Hey guys, i'm Jack I've landed here through a simple google search for 'EFT Cheat'. Never heard of the Site before but as it turns out you all seem to be great people. The hack is nicely done and i have never seen such a stylish in-game menu. Because this is not a review i'm gonna give you some more information about me: 22 years old, from germany, working as 'IT-Guy' for the biggest german employer. That's it. I'm hoping for a great experience here. See you guys around
  14. Hi All! I'm new here but a vet to hacking/scripting in DayZ, WarZ*, and the like. Glad to have found this lovely community of fellow menaces. >:) I think I've already ran into a few of you in EFT! See you all out there, ruthless
  15. Hey all, already active on a lot of other gaming forums so thought I would come over here aswell to test out some of the software on sale over here, heard some good things.
  16. Hey chod's community! Saw your cheat on youtube and heard great things about the cheat aswell. Look forward to buying the cheat!
  17. Hi, Ive been cheating for about 2 years now(Mostly CS). Ive bought chods cheats a few times over the last year. But don't remember my other account info because I never checked out the forums so I never really needed too. Ive tried out the cs cheat twice and had a good experience. Over the years I have probably went through 15-20 accounts, most of them game banned and only about 2 or 3 vac'd. No vacs were from chods. Thanks for reading this
  18. Hi, my alais is Harcules, it was a nickname given to me by my friends so it will probably do poorly in hiding my identity, but who cares, lol. I found this website in search of escape from tarkov cheats, and this seemed to be the best option in order to always win and not get detected by anti cheat. After a couple of hours of using the cheat i realised that the cheat wasnt just some "ok" cheag used to get easy kill, i was very impressed the smoothness to all the cheats and the easy to use gui... to be honest i didnt have much expectations for a $10 cheat, but this cheat was beyond great. like many other people, im looking to noe het access to the rust cheat because i know i wont get ban using chod's cheat. Before discovering this website i never even attempted tok hack in rust for i didnt want to be ban and found it too risky, but now i cant wait to hack in rust because of chod's highb quality tarkov cheat. And the fact that the rust cheat is invite only makes me more confident that the cheat is safe and undetected. sorry if i made this too long, didnt really know how to jam all that into 1 paragraph... im not the best writer :)
  19. Hello Chod's Cheats community! I'm TruDmc my first name is actually Dante from Devil May Cry and Dante's Inferno. my initials are DMC so that's the gist of why TruDmc is my username. As of currently my games I'm playing is GTA5 (325 hours), Dead By Daylight (75 hours), Dayz (478 hours), Players Unknown Battlegrounds (169 hours), Rust (49 hours) Subnautica (30 hours), Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (110 hours). My Steam is TruDmc I have a Family Guy, My Little Pony profile picture so if you want, add me and we can play also I'm always on discord you can find me on the Chod's Cheats Discord I should get a signature photo...
  20. Hello guys, I'm new to this site. I enjoy games like rust, PUBG, and Rainbow 6 siege. If anyone has some tips for how to get invited to the rust cheat I'd be happy to hear them. Thanks guys!
  21. Hi guys I was CSGO player last 2 years ago, also I used to use chod at that time then. yesterday, I backed to chod. it is really over 1 years my english is not good actually. let's share the info and news in the most safe cheat chod, i expect to learn many info about our games have a nice day It feels like coming back old town. :-D
  22. Hey guys Im PHPBIRD3 And Im going to review all the Chod's cheats possible! I'll do compact, nice and clean reviews for all of you who is trying to decide what or which cheat to buy, or you don't even know if you even should buy it. My job is to provide nice, fast, easy and clean help for you, when you need it. But I'll also need your help too. Please try to be tuned for my reviews posts, I need much people, so I can proove myself to the admin team, that Im worth being accepted. I need to get accepted as a trusted member in order the review all the cheats. After I would be invited Im also planning to make whole review VIDEOS; yes you heard it right, to contribute to Chod's Cheats and help you guys in an even adanced, better way. So Im able to provide you guys with much more and better information, tests and other stuff. ú Im also aiming to be a moderator on the forums, so I can truthly dedicate myself to this forum. For that I also need you guys help! Thank you very much for reading and I hope we can work very well together as a community. After all this little speech, its time to talk some basic things about myself; My name is Adamo, Im a student, with big dreams about the future. I know grapich design, programming, and a lots of other stuff. I like to really work along with nice communities, and Im still finding one where I can truthly be someone and dedicate myself to it. I hope my searching end here soon. If you have any questions, feel free to write me; I'll always try to be active 0/24 on the forums, So I can make the most out of my time, and also be active in order to acomplishe my dream, to get invited soon. Thank you for you patience and reading. I may wish you a happy nice day.
  23. Hello my fellow chod's cheats members, for those of you who don't know me, my name is Lupe You can call me Lupe, Le Lupe or Wolf I am 21 years old and french canadian I have been playing video games since I was 3 years old and have been hooked ever since I am one of the many active members of this amazing community and even do reviews, guides and game trailers for chod's cheats and all of its lovely community members I try to help as much as I can and check forums daily if not hourly I am just now introducing myself because I figured that introducing myself before making an effort to be an active member of the community and avid supporter would just not make sense in my opinion, since I have joined I have talked to many of you in our community discord, shared some great conversations in the off topic thread and met a lot of the great people who are also part of our great community and wish to continue to do so. All communities have their goods and bads but I am proud to call myself a chod's cheats community member, anyways the bads can see the door and seek things elsewhere ?
  24. qNxX


    Hello CC community, my name is Steven, or qNxX on other cheating related websites. I am a 21 year old mechatronics engineer from Germany and have been around cheating websites since about 2008. Some of which still exist, some which don't anymore (Enhanced Aim anyone?), a couple that were privately shared. Had my fair share of VAC bans in CS:S and CS:GO, but shit happens. Probably should've turned an eye towards Chods-Cheats earlier since I can tell that he treats his projects with care and isn't a scam or ass like a bunch of other websites that I've seen or been a part of. Staying out of all the trouble and hate between other developers, at least from what I could tell in the past. As expected the cheat looks and plays like a quality piece of work so far. Will probably make a more detailed testimonial in the future though. So far I like what I'm seeing though and will probably settle here for my cheating needs.
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