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  1. I can assure you as a long time customer and advid backer of chod that this site is safe man
  2. for this type of stuff you can suggest it here, this is just a review of the cheat overall. but i agree and thank you for your feedback ?
  3. I figured that since it has been almost 2 years since I joined the community and not everyone knows who I am still that I would re fill out an intro. Hello everyone, from newcomers to old time community members, my name is Lupe or Wolf (you can call me either) and I have been playing video games for over 18 years and cheating for almost 8 years of that time. The cheating community has always been good to me and every community is special in its own way, everything started with things like modded lobbies on MW2 and now has lead to legit cheating in CSGO and raging in others. I hope you all are active members and I welcome all the newcomers with welcome arms. If anyone ever needs any help just pm me and let me know how my intro is, i feel like i just kind of rambled for a bit and didn't really reintroduce myself too well. Have a nice day/night everyone and STAY SAVAGE!!
  4. Visuals/Esp: 8.5/10 The visuals and ESP are both very crisp especially when it used to be the old chams before the new item esp and messing around with new features but all together the visuals and ESP are well done. Aimbot and Weapon Features: 7/10 The aimbot is very nice if you play aggressive and take close range fights often, low FOV and low distance are the key, the higher the distance and FOV causes the aimbot to bug and lock onto the wrong target whether it is his teammate next to him or a guy across the map but still in your FOV. The weapon features are very well done, you can adjust your x and y compensation and toggle whether you want it on only when using the aimbot or 24/7. Extras: This is the section where i put things that could be added or improved that may or may not be deal breakers for others. As of right now with the cheat in its current state before the update the ESP is very cluttered and you can not toggle certain ESPs on/off, the aimbot does NOT have a visibility check and does not prioritize targets by distance and if you use the aimbot prediction feature it usually will pull your aim in the wrong direction causing you to miss more shots and die more often. My Conclusion: 8/10 All together the cheat is very good but for the whopping 40 euros a lot of people may be hesitant and or complain or regret the purpose but in the end all cheats are a gamble until you try them for yourself and see how you like them. If you found my review help feel free to let me know and if anyone needs any help in the future then you can pm me as well. Have a nice day/night community and STAY SAVAGE!! note: format for my review comes from @Faceless
  5. In what game do you have the most hours and how many?
  6. Very nice, only criticism i would give is that it transitions so fast that the average viewer may not catch the website link especially with the glitch effect
  7. +rep Massive vouch for Dexter, og member and quick/polite responses
  8. Lmao, I feel you on that. I mean I'm actually pretty good without cheats, but I just feel like cheats "Enhance" my gameplay on any game. The being better than everyone else no matter what and getting away with it is just a thrill. exactly how i feel lol
  9. What are your preferred peripherals? I personally use a Razer BlackWidow Chroma v2 keyboard, Razer DeathAdder Elite mouse with a Razer Gigantus mouse mat, Astro A40 TRs headphones and a Blue Yeti mic
  10. Across the wide base of the video gaming community the most toxic people are the people who don't cheat but recently the cheating community is becoming more and more toxic, even to the point that some cheaters are exposing fellow cheaters, calling out legit cheaters and trying to get them banned and hopping on to accusations saying someone is cheating whether they are or not. I love the gaming community, cheating or not so I just wanted to make a PSA asking for at least our family, the chod's cheats family to not be the type of people that I mentioned above. Keep it wholesome and fun, thats why I cheat, to get the most enjoyment out of my games that I can and be the best that I can be. Why do you cheat?
  11. Agreed, VMs are extremely unreliable and also you can get hwid banned from some games just by simply getting banned too many times (even though that number is usually 50+ times)
  12. I apologize everyone for the delayed announcement but I have been slammed with work since. The winner of the Thanksgiving giveaway is @elfinkibbles Please message me @elfinkibbles for your code and everyone have a great rest of your day/night Much love, - Le Lupe
  13. Thanks for contributing to the community with all of your helpful posts and the giveaway :D

  14. And let me give you a comparison, any person with common sense would ask if it is detected first in the forums like someone who is purchasing a good from amazon that is an off-market unknown brand and looks into the reviews and customer satisfaction as well as "fit your expectations" percentages. Just because you didn't do any research or contact support or any staff before the purchase does not mean it is a staff issue when they work very hard to maintain the site and its cheats, you do point out the positives but next time as well should advise the new incoming customers as to what they could do to avoid the issue happening to them as well. Much Love, - Le Lupe
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