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  1. Nane, as everyone is told atm the eft cheat is gonna be down for a while and there is nothing we can do about it, chod and his team is working there hardest fixing everything they can so you just gotta give them time
  2. eft will come back in the future yes just give the devs time they are working there hardest but gotta take care of em selfs too
  3. @VolatileSloth its not sure chod does either things do pop op on the way that he has to sort
  4. its currently getting updated and will be available at some point in the future again most likely, chods working hard on it
  5. @Spi13 Yea and when he gets EFT BE going its gonna be easier getting things done on other games with BE to. Cause he will know more about it and how to solve it. Anyone who thinks its something you just sit a week and do and your done obviously doesn't know what taking care of your supports mean chod cares about everyone who comes here and keeps us safe. Some people just doesn't understand most sites just make something and publish it for the money only and not making it safe and they think its good. but chod is on a complete different lvl. everyone of you mods admins and owners know just how to have a good community.
  6. @Dangerdave77they are working on multiple things at ones
  7. il give you all the time you need from my side i have never trusted any cheat or platform close to chods-cheats your on a far higher lvl and its all easy useable can´t wait for it
  8. it looks amazing can´t wait to get to spend some bucks on your stuff again never trusted or used any other place then this cause its deffinently the best
  9. finally my 1day project is done hope you all like it [ps:its the first video i ever have edited] lol youtube dont accept 4k videos