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  1. I agree and that was on me I shoulda made it clear that it isn’t the cheats fault. And no problem! Honestly the cheat is what is saving the game for me, so thanks again.
  2. I feel like I need more time to post a review for this, but until then I will post a small one. ESP: 10/10 For players it works very well, tracking them if they are near you by 300m or more, and it also has skeleton so you know what is happening. It gives you a huge advantage considering how accurate it actually is, you almost don't even need aim bot. (Hide in bush and spray away lol) Item ESP: 6/10 For items I wouldn't say its not good but, items sometimes don't appear until you get into the buildings, item names sometimes appear in the sky. That being said, the game is very new, and the cheese is still in development. I think waiting to get the cheese is a good idea, because I know how much better it will get. Aimbot: 5/10 I will admit, it was a very rough start for me to get into this cheese because of the many things that the game its self has to fix for aimbot to become even better. Aimbot has nice features, targets people, you can chose hit box and many other features. Even then when you toggle on the aimbot for head it sometimes goes above it or to the right/left, instead of the head it's self. That being said using a rifle and being in a 100m radius you should be fine as long as your not trying to snipefrom across the map or something. Misc: 5/10 For misc there is currently just Speed hack, but great news is, it works but I noticed only up to 3 then you get stuck in one place, and also at times I would be running around for a minute, then when I am very far, it would return me right back to where I started. Over all I think this cheese has very good potential and I know it will only get better from here, it just needs time. As always, thanks for the hard work developers and staff. ,Deathknight
  3. Plus kinda rude to be asking for other links on the website.
  4. confuse me one more time spi I dare you
  5. Yeah animu thats why I cry my self to sleep
  6. No problem, thanks for the hard work!
  7. I will format this review with points to make it easier, ESP, Detection, Misc, Customer Service, Spoofer, and Features. ESP: The ESP is basically 2D boxes not charms, but its not to say its hard to know where the killer is, you always know where everyone else is with no problem not to mention the ESP for Gens ,totems , and more, your always at an advantage. It is very easy to use and separated so YOU can chose what you want on your screen. 10/10 Detection: The website AND client both have the cheat status on them, so if you ever wonder make sure to check, but in short words, using every feature in this cheat nothing gets detected, just follow the guides and instructions of staff. (It is how you use the cheat that gets you banned) 10/10 Misc: The Misc choices are really fun to use in my opinion. I always laugh and enjoy it way too much since you can see the killers reaction to you just instantly disappearing. Some are risky to use but not for detection purposes but for risk of people seeing you then reporting.(Luckily the sexy Devs labeled it as risky next to those ones) 10/10 Customer Service: The customer service is great, you get a reply quickly and you also are supplied with a lot of information on how to do things on your own so in case the staff aren't on, you can try figuring it out your self. They are kind and very patient with people. 10/10 Features: The cheat has a variety of features and they all work, it's not something like, oh this works but this is buggy, nah all of them work perfectly. 10/10 Spoofer: I can't really rate it because it has been disabled, but I will update as soon as we are able to use. +/-
  8. Look where the tabs are, go to member area, then on your right side of the screen it says download client but make sure to read guides first
  9. Basically, when you are in ghost mode, you can: Fly using Q for up and Z for down. Go through objects or anything even get outside the map. Cant be hit by the killer(can still pick you up though)
  10. Deathknight


    Yeah I was going to buy it but, the price without the spoofer kinda ya know
  11. Would it be possible to pay with paypal?