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  1. That’s too bad. I’d definitely throw Chod some money for an EFT radar. It’s the safest option until BSG starts encrypting their packets. It would definitely be a support nightmare though. Most people here can barely turn on their pc let alone configure a local VPN between two PCs.
  2. I’m more experienced with the front end, which is much simpler, but this made me think of how much more efficient it is to load CSS externally to remove it from the content layer to simplify page structure, minimize load times, and make styling updates without modifying the page itself. Cool to see a framework like this that will allow for faster updates and enhancements while running leaner 👍
  3. EFT already supports 1903. So you’re good to go.
  4. The EFT cheat does support 1903.
  5. You do need to be in-game to use it. You’ll need to set your own keybinds by right-clicking the checkbox of whichever feature you want to bind. Here’s a good guide:
  6. Press and hold the fn key while you press the print screen / insert key.
  7. Yep, make a ticket to request the change.
  8. Store > Manage Purchases > Renew Now If you want to change your sub from 1 month to 3 or more submit a ticket.
  9. You may not have found anything if you searched for specific builds. Here’s a video that covers rolling back patches and builds for Windows 10 in general:
  10. You can purchase the cheat and just use the features you want. There aren’t different versions.
  11. No, they’re talking about setting up the custom loot filter. You can go into an offline raid with high value items just to add them to your loot filter. That way you don’t waste time doing it during a live raid and potentially miss out on a big ticket item.
  12. For sure, but the esp/wallhack and aimbot look solid at least. That’s all I need. Some of those long distance shots you were hitting would not hit in EFT.
  13. Really nice vid man. I don’t play Apex, but the cheat looks solid. A little jealous EFT doesn’t work as cleanly.
  14. Hey, welcome. If you only use ESP and aren’t obvious about it (i.e. play like you’re being watched) you have a lower chance of being caught than someone speedhacking and raging. It’s certainly the safest option. That said, you’re cheating. The cheat injection could be detected at any point and it wouldn’t matter what you do or don’t use, you’ll be banned. Detections are few and far between here, but they do happen. So, I’d recommend cheating only on an account you can afford to lose. GL.