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Welcome to the DevBlog!



I've been wanting to start a devblog for some time, and in hindsight I wish I had started it months ago when I first started working on the new framework, but I suppose its not too late. Anyway, the point of this is to give you some insight into how I do things from a coding perspective, show you what I am working on currently, and some previews of things to come. 


What with all the changes happening currently it seems like it would also be a good way to keep you all engaged and interested in the new cheats when they are finally ready. So, please follow this blog, I will keeping posting things as regularly as I can manage, starting tomorrow.



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This is a cool idea. We know you cant exactly give us a play by play on what is going on but it does feel reassuring having some light shed on the progress the Chod's team is making.  

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Thank you for always being transparent, it's nice to see how much you care about your product and makes me feel like I am making a better investment. Cheers!

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Glad to hear you are trying to keep us more involved. The product speaks for itself and I also feel you keeping us up to date is definitely reassuring. Being in the dark is never fun, but for obvious reasons its a necessity in some manner. Your loyal customers appreciate this attempt to keep us more involved. Thanks again as always Chod!

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