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  1. Since the 1.0 Update its actually kicking off again, But ye still dont beleive resources should be spent on it. Much better games out.
  2. Keep this in the Support Ticket Dude. Dont need to go around sharing. They use the information to back up the account, Everyone needs to do it not just you. Its so in the future if they need to Verify you for somthing like a HWID change or someone gains access to your acount they can sort it out. With no evidence on your behalf they cant help you in the future if somthing goes wrong.
  3. Comment in there for the link and you will get it in time.
  4. 😬 About as legit as it gets what ya chatting..... 😬
  5. I have been using it since EFT came out just keeping safe mode on and only using the ESP and I haven't been banned yet. It doesn't secure your account using safe mode but it's a good way to keep the suspicions down.
  6. Ye basically what @sakers said. It will only show the loot that has spawned in on the map, Also Welcome
  7. Should be pretty quick... If it takes any longer contact support with a ticket and they should get back to you asap.
  8. Welcome to the community.
  9. Ye always worth the downtime would rather be safe than sorry.
  10. Never even knew Paladins was a game but here you are with 3k hours! haha have fun
  11. Don't worry all the time missed due to downtime will be added onto your subscription.
  12. I don't think I could agree more good stuff.