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  1. 7/10 So the cheat is pretty barebones right now we only got ESP which is more than enough although it's lacking critical features like bone esp and HP. It runs smoothly and doesn't affect your FPS one bit but more features are definitely needed for this cheat.
  2. Game: COD MW 2019 Game Engine: IW Engine Why: It's quite popular and the grind is quite hard. However with cheats the grind gets a lot easier
  3. Hudsonn

    Squad Review

    Aimbot 6/10 Most of the time it doesn't work properly and shoots above the enemies, prediction isn't too good when it comes to long range engagements. No recoil and no sway work perfectly fine ESP 8/10 ESP works just fine although sometimes the skeleton of the enemy falls waaaaaay behind the 2D Box of esp and causes confusion. Misc. 10/10 It's just speed hack and it works perfectly fine. Best thing about this cheat is that it doesn't eat your FPS like many other cheats. I am constantly above 60 FPS while I use it. Overall a good cheat but aimb
  4. Hudsonn

    Any media?

    I am considering to buy the new Squad software but I can't find any screenshots nor any videos showcasing the software. Can someone share please?