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  1. applied, I hope I get something even though I don't have a lot of luck in these games 😀 thank u very much for the giveaway though
  2. 1. Hell let Loose, Rising storm 2 2. Unreal Engine 3. I would love any of those two games to at least have ESP, since Rising storm 2 isn't updated much they can just make an cheat for it and not have to worry much about it in my opinion, for Hell let Loose its a game that is beginning and could spike up the sells of the cheat if they were to make one, I don't think chod will make it since he is not dumb and would go for big games for bigger profits but at least I tried
  3. probably got to wait for a month, the same thing happened to me so nothing we can do
  4. you have to have an active membership
  5. for what I heard you have to wait
  6. but what I still don't get if csgo didn't change why didn't they update it already, is not like is going to take a lot to update it
  7. One question, lets say that the csgo cheat comes out with only esp and I don't want just that, can I pause my subscription until more options come out like aimbot and stuff like that
  8. yeah they should add a lot more stuff, but they don't since for them other cheats are more important since more people buy it... dbd can have a lot more options and very op but they are focused on other games
  9. Very true review, I have been using it for a while and I agree 100%
  10. How can you buy rainbow 6 for 3$
  11. I will like a free EFT month, I really like the cheat Thank you for the giveaway btw