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Hello :)
In this thread you can list games that you always wanted to have a cheat for. It can be ANY game you want! So don't hesitate to post even the smallest games.
It would be great if you could also write down the following informations in your reply:

1. Name of the Game
2. Name of the Engine
3. Why you want to have a cheat for it

Listing EFT or any other games we are already developing cheats for are not allowed and will cause an infraction.

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Game:  Hell let loose
Engine: Unreal Engine
AC:  Easy Anticheat

It´s a game with enorm potential for Chod to get more customers. I would like to have something like an ESP. There is no Provider offering a cheese for this game. 

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 Game ; Arma 3

 Name of the Engine ; Bohemia Interactive's Real Virtuality game engine.

 Why you want to have a cheat for it ; Arma 3 is huge for PvP and could gather some amount of new customers. 



Game:  Overwatch
Engine:  proprietary engine
(i think)

Why you want to have a cheat for it; Overwatch will sooner or later in 2020 have a huge update which will hopefully will get the game popular again. 



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1 hour ago, XtC__ said:

1. Hunt Showdown
2. No clue
3. Why does anyone cheat in any game - its fun.


Would love just ESP for it.



2. It uses CryEngine V (Crytek)


3. It is similar to EFT so cheat will help us a lot.

It also has some playerbase around 7k~9k when it's peak.

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As a few people have mentioned before,


1. Hunt Showdown
2. CryEngine
3. There's literally one cheat provider available for that game and it's invite only, me and many other users want a cheat for it. It has EAC but there are definitely workarounds!

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So is this a way to avoid frustration/losing customers when specific cheat doesn't come back? I feel this is only a distraction away from the fact many people paid for EFT and no refunds or possibility of use in the near future are clear. Personally as a paying customer I would feel better if you focused on what you have now considering only 2 of 8 are actually available, seems extremely asinine this is even being posted right now. 

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Lets go with an Easy one they said to list a game we want a cheat for!? 

Game: Friday the 13th the game... (What a stupid name)
Anticheat: Easy Anticheat

Engine: Unreal Engine 4


It's a dead by daylight like game, just maybe better than DBD lately ive been wanting to a cheat on it since i think items are spawned in as you go to open like a drawer, as killer the game already give you ESP the game is bad overall. but feels more rewarding than the Dead  by daylight maybe since i haven't played it too much but it feels as if there is more to do. You can fight the killer, Kill the killer, Escape call the cops drive cars. Repair generators and get a freaking shotgun. If im correct you could even Kill Jason. I really think this shitty game deserves to be hacked. 

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