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  1. Hunt received update 1.4 which brought a lot of changes to damage (fire, bleed, poison) and other stuff... but cheat is already updated.
  2. lol. there were already bans. just look on the official discord. 3000 on 05/29 - 1000 05/31 - again 1000 05/31 - and another 500 05/31 - plus even more bans since then.
  3. Crucible is ondergoing a lot of change where 'The Cycle' is getting more 'stable'... would like to see something for Cycle tbh.
  4. Hunt has cheaters but not as much as some people claim. HUNT is even more a game where skill matters as EFT. and because of the smaller playerbase has a lot more experienced players. there are a lot of VERY good players with 1000+ hrs in HUNT. a lot of their kills look impossible but they are just very very good...
  5. talking about dummies abusing features... i see so many cheaters that abuse the hell out of ESP and act so stupid and obvious that they really don't need to use any OTHER feature to get reported and banned within 'minutes', aimbot is not a more risky feature by any means. any public cheat draws attention if users rage with it. and you can rage with ony ESP without problem. hunting players down, running in straight lines to players or loot, following trough walls, just some examples of very obvious behavior. so putting Aimbot behind a 'trusted' wall won't bring that much more security or less risk to you as a ESP only user. the only thing would be if the cheat as a whole would be invite only wiht less users and for a lot more money. this keeps the rage kids away.
  6. There is always a RISK and aimbot is not more risky if used right than ESP is. on the other hand i would stay far away from speedhack, unlimited stamina, no weight, max skills... - you get my point. speaking of other cheats starting to come out... not only starting there are a lot of cheats for a long time AND most (if not all) of them get constantly detected. it needs a lot of homework to find something good. and money. the only ones i know that are now UD for a longer peroiod of time are quite expensive and private/slotted. and i mean really private/slotted, not what some sellers tell you but sell without end - lol. EFT cheating has become quite 'hard'. i was a happy chod's user in the past and would be happy if Chod's EFT cheat would come back... but i don't know if a public cheat is the way going forward.
  7. if it's worth it is a question you have to answer yourself. there are people paying $200+/month for a cheat. personally i spend a lot of money for different cheats in the past. when you consider buying games again after a ban it can get real expensive fast.
  8. could be worse and yes, this release will be massive. can't wait.
  9. Also don’t forget the horrible EFT netcode Like other stuff peakers advantage is still a thing.
  10. legit win10 oem keys are so cheap... make yourself a christmas present and buy one.
  11. As a new member you should read the Rules, Guides AND Faq... where this is mentioned: https://chods-cheats.com/faq/
  12. they will only be in the list if it spawned in this raid for you. (bitcoin spawns nearly every raid for me on shoreline)