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  1. The cheat is good and what you can expect from Chod's in regards of quality. ESP works fine and shows you what you'd expect. Misc features, aka speedhack work fine up to ~3.5* speed then you start getting desynced but when the game is a running simulator this helps immensely. Aimbot works fine when the game isn't constantly ruining itself. Best gun I found was using the sniper with instant hit, head target and ~80m distance was able to kill everyone without an issue.
  2. Yeah I'd probably buy them and wouldn't mind at all because the quality of the cheats here tbh. I know a worse site that charges $750 for lifetime and all their stuff is detected within a few days.
  3. Yeah, hoping the popularity and the different game modes along with Amazon probably going ham with advertising like they did with New World will give it quite a bit of players for a few months.
  4. Takes a bit depends on what you used to pay with but two hours does seem a little long tbh. @𝐅𝐚𝐜𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬
  5. Good enough where I'm surprised it's not invite only tbh. Kind of wish it was possible to buy a general 'lifetime' membership here.
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    HWID Spoofer doesn't work for AMD here.
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    Hey guys.

    Came to say hey, coming from a few different other providers and became attracted to the price this site offers when others are charging ridiculous amounts ($300USD/month). Also like the welcoming email when you buy a cheat you get