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  1. yeah but hes been working on it for a minute now so im hoping hes just working out the kinks and whenever something small pops up its not a long fix
  2. Who knows when itll be back up (i mean daddy chod does 😉) but when it is back up itll be the best cheese available
  3. Exactly. well i havent used any other cheese than chods. but everywhere i read most if not all are unreliable. and allot of other providers dont have a spoofer so if you get beaned it might be your last time playing tarkov until you get new HW.. Theyve been working on it for a while so its def gonna be a solid cheese and im hoping itll soon be back up an running
  4. oh snap i didnt realize my stuv ran out!
  5. lemme get some a dat juicy news feed😘
  6. As the title says.. I miss it! could talk to the fam here live and it was lit! ).: any chance of the great return?
  7. if you rage hack than yeah, youll be beaned. only time i got hit was when i rage cheesed
  8. just time my mans. ive been on here for around 2 years (granted not very active due to life) and havent gotten trusted status. but they make solid quality stuff so its worth it to stick with it!
  9. little late but id say theyre reasonable. other sites are 100+ a month for a lesser quality cheese.. everywhere ive looked no other site can stay undetected for more than a few days
  10. Lookin good! Been a while since I've been active cause of military, but seeing everything that's been happening is nuts! Great to see chods still has the best product mindset!
  11. Thank all of ya for all the work that's put into this
  12. Thank you chod! I've been gone for a while due to training, but when I left it seemed to be getting detections often.. I feel that with the overall quality of these cheats before, that these new codes and all are going to be vastly better than providers! Though hopefully the pricing does go up to much
  13. I just got back from trainignso I haven't been on here in forever. I used to be able to messege in the forum and see the links & stuff but now I cant?
  14. Been in BCT and AIT for a while so what's new? Everything been goin smoothly?