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  1. Oxyde my boy thanks for that awesome giveaway. !
  2. Im in aswell thanks riot for doing this awesome Giveaway and good luck to everyone
  3. i want TD2 too but its gonna be released that fast like some other games
  4. I know but doesnt change anything at the moment
  5. how about you focus on some games which are released at the moment ? TD2 is not even announced yet.
  6. wow wtf is this ? dont even count me in im just shocked by the type of giveaway
  7. But the ESP wont tell you if its a player Scav or NPC Scav
  8. Very trustworthy seller , bought a different account from him. +rep !
  9. Kunai


    Welcome to Chod's , keep changing the game.
  10. Cant be arsed i like free stuff and i need a new cs:go sub ! Thanks Faceless ❤️ and good luck everyone PS : exclude me i dont need it anymore love you faceless
  11. Kunai


    Welcome, keep changing the game !