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  1. cod mw 2019 - rainbow six siege - rust - arma3 no clue pvp games are fun to cheat on , even more when its competitiv , also all of them are high demand games except probably arma3
  2. i didnt use any spoofer at the time , since chod didnt have one , now im using chods one , hope it will bypass hwid bans
  3. hey bro , how have you not been HWID banned? i got banned once in apex (old computer) when some people got banned , and almost everyone got HWID banned?? thats like 8months ago tho
  4. simply ; this game is all fun without cheat , while most arent without it , people are nice and just trolling , nothing takes this game seriously , so cheating is pointless also this game is not popular , so making a cheat for 50people is pointless i'd say
  5. cheating on this game is kinda stupid ...
  6. r6 siege would be crazy good to have ! but yeah , im scared with battleye , already got HWID banned from a kernel cheat , and i tried many spoofer (even paid) and finally had to buy a new ssd..
  7. i like the idea ! but like everyone else i dont very understand how to cheat in mmorpg , except speedhack , autoloot , we would need something very usefull , like an automatic ultra fast combo (personalizable) , since this is pretty much what bdo relies on (make the perfect and fastest combo to clean mobs / kill people before they kill you) some bot option like autoloot , auto potion if esp like player AP/DP/HP/LVL what i mean is we would need something gamechanger , autoloot , most people already have pets or you can buy from the market kinda easely with ig money or from event , speedhack.. depends on the speed , a good horse is extremely fast now , and there is griffon too well just curious what you could add
  8. i have a little question concerning apex cheat , last week many cheaters got banned , and respawn now HWID ban (they werent the 1st month of launch) ; so will we have a spoofer ?
  9. also i noticed some people are not shining ! you can notice this either when u jump some people are not , or simply when you fight you'll get rushed by non shining people and you wont see them so basically wallhack has a little bug too , its just about 1 or 2 guys per game are not highlited
  10. and i got a suggestion : the wallhack is way to shining , i cant tell if an enemie is behind a wall or if i can shoot at them .. so i shoot and damn its a wall , and you could get spotted pretty easely this way , shooting at walls for no reason knowing someone is behind
  11. hi , i just got the cheat , i didnt found any apex legends topic so here it is... 10/04/2019 the aimlock doesnt seem to work with ALT , at first it turned my screen completely to aim at someone probably , but then when i lose it stoped working completely the wallhack disapear if a friendly player ping near them (for exemple the building enemies are in)