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  1. What the hell did I just read?
  2. As far as I know, it's pretty random.. They just say the month. I may be wrong though!
  3. Name: Tyler Location: Toronto Ontario CANADA! What you do(work/school..): Psychology Degree Age: 28 Languages: Eng Online for x hours a day: If I can do things from my phone, 16 hrs+. If not, 5-6hrs+ Experience with our products: I've bought ETF/CSGO cheats on and off for a year now. Relevant experience: Never been a forum admin, but have been game admins in Arma 3 life servers. In terms of customer service, I worked at a grocery store in high school.. if that counts Why you think you would be good for this position: I understand the need for professionalism, and to keep the image of Chod's cheats clean. At the end of the day, this is a business and I plan to add to it, not take away. Anything else: I'm level headed, I'm motivated to find a solution or find someone who has a solution to certain problems. I've known Rayy for 5-6 years now, being apart of the same communities. I really believe I would make a great addition to the Chod's team. My hours at work vary, some days I wake up at 6AM EST, and dont work the entire day till 5PM. This is the time I can dedicate to Chod.
  4. Wow, impressive guide! Fantastic work.
  5. Welcome to the community!
  6. Never used it, but a friend said the customization is crazy! Cheers for the review.
  7. Vendoro


    Welcome, best cheats around!