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  1. Thanks Guy´s! It´s Fun for me to make such Reviews!!
  2. Is that Good or Bad? ^^ I can say for sure, its my First time here And thanks Guys!
  3. Hey Guys! My Name is DTerror, im here for the EFT Cheat + Possible Future Cheats and a nice Community! I Love to do Reviews and Some Sort of Hacking Videos May i can Post them from time to time here! Nothing much more to say! Hope you stay well and yea... (I´m bad in such things OMEGALUL) Greetings DTerror
  4. Hey Guys! EFT-Cheat is down, so its time for a Review! Lets begin! NOTE: Chods-Cheats.com is not sponsoring and/or Paying me for this review! We start with the Aim-Bot, and i really have to say, never saw an smooth aim-bot like this, i mean its really cool. Not like other aim bots who snap instant on targets and witch are obviously to detect really smooth and calm. (ofc Depends on your settings!) And the thing is, you really hit all if you want, the Extra Settings like "No Recoil, No Spread etc." Make it much more Powerfull! You nearly CANT die with this Aimbot! All in all its a really nice Aim bot and very very well Coded! Aimbot-Features: ⦿ Aimbot - Automatically aim at players ⦿ Smooth aiming – Controls the speed the aimbot aims at ⦿ No spread – Removes the bullet spread ⦿ No recoil – Removes weapon recoil ⦿ Field of view – Limits the aimbot to only aim if a player is within the set FOV ⦿ No breath – Removes breath ⦿ No Sway – Removes weapon sway ⦿ Automatic weapons – Removes weapon shooting cooldown from every gun ⦿ Autoshoot – Automatically shoots ⦿ Hitbox selection – Multiple hitboxes Now we go to the ESP And i have to say, its awesome! I used a lot of hacks and cheats and and and... But this is the best ESP if ever seen (i mean the ESP from Chod)! I cant say anything bad about it it does what it does.. I mean you can Fucking see what´s in the Enemies Pockets and Backpacks For real! How insane is that? You have Seperate Options like Item (you can even Decide what Item you want to See with the ESP), Weapon, Medics etc.. I cant even say more.. just perfect! ESP-Features: Player ESP ⦿ Boxes – Draw boxes around the player bounding box ⦿ Names – Draw player names ⦿ Skeleton – Draw player skeleton ⦿ Inventory – Draw player inventory ⦿ Distance – Draw player distance ⦿ Health – Draw player health ⦿ Sound – Draw player steps ⦿ Backpack – Draw backpack items Loot ESP ⦿ Name – Draw loot names ⦿ Distance – Draw loot distance ⦿ Item box – Draw lootbox items ⦿ Filters - Filter the loot This Part of the Hack will Blow your Mind ^^ If you think "Yeah Speedhack is cool Feature" Then wait until you see these other insane Features! There are things lie Super Bullet, its like you have an Ak47 wich shots Shotgun Bullets! Its Crazy! Skyhack You change the DayTime/NightTime for yourself, as you wish! Want to do Night Raids but got no Nightvision Googles? No Problem with the NightVision Hack! Ohh.. you want to loot Shoreline but got no cool Keys? Just use NoClip or the much betterway, try the Autounlocker! Your Mind is Blown? There is Much more... MISC-Features: ⦿ Speed hack – Speed hack ⦿ Fast sprint – Increase sprint speed ⦿ Super jump – Increase jump high ⦿ Super bullet – instakill ⦿ Unlimited stamina – Unlimited stamina ⦿ Teleport to other players – Teleport to other players ⦿ Teleport all loot to yourself – Teleport loot to the player(patched serversided, only works offline) ⦿ No-clip / fly-mode – Fly to objects ⦿ Skyhack - Change daytime ⦿ LSD Mode - Drug view ⦿ Night vision - Gives you night-vision ⦿ Auto unlocker - Automatically unlocks doors and registers by looking at them ⦿ No Decay - Removes Decay Yes i know this is not a Tarkov Picture.. But its Ultra Cool!! Looks Like we are at the End of the Review... I Just can recommend you the EFT Cheat! The package you get from Chods-Cheats Is simply Amazing! You get with this cheat all you need to win the Raid! I think you dont really need "rage" settings or anything cause you can use the settings legit, and still hit everything without looking obvious or anything! And again i just have to say thanks to all the Coders, admins and mods! For doing such a great job here! if you have questions just ask me! THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION! Sorry for my bad English! Review from DTerror!