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  1. qNxX

    How to get invited to private discord

    would appreciate an invite
  2. qNxX

    What are your favorite game(s)

    My all time favourites are Guild Wars 1, which I've first played at its pre-order release in 2005, and CS:S, which I've first played in 2008 or 2009. Right now I'm playing Destiny 2 and getting back into Guild Wars 1 because Destiny 2 can't keep me interested for a week after I've finished the weekly milestones there. And that takes like 2 days. Also going to start playing some GTAV again with a friend.
  3. Destiny 2, but that's not happening.
  4. qNxX

    Graphic card

    If you have a budget of 800€ get a 1080 Ti. Although the good 1080 Tis cost a bit more than 800, you're looking at 880 for a Zotac GTX 1080 Ti AMP! Extreme for example. There are plenty of sub 800€ 1080 Tis. Or get a 1080.
  5. qNxX

    Favorite game/franchise

    Guild Wars 1. Guild Wars 2 is trash.
  6. qNxX

    Gaming chair

    Office chairs are office chairs because they are used by staff that is sitting infront of a PC for 8 hours a day to do something productive. It's literally the same principle as gaming chairs, except that gaming chairs are supposed to be for gamers that sit infront of their PC for 8 hours a day to play games. Office chairs are available in low-, mid- and high-back variants as well. There are office chairs that are just as adjustable as gaming chairs. In terms of lumbar support you wrote yourself that office chairs can have that. You see, we're not talking about trash-tier office chairs that you have at school or work that cost $10 where anything that's adjustable breaks after 10 uses, but at the same time we're not talking about 250€ gaming chairs as well. The big difference that office chairs can't make up for is the fact that you don't have to look long to find a comfortable chair when buying a gaming chair. But there are office chairs that offer the same qualities of 250€ gaming chairs for 150€, except for the looks.
  7. qNxX

    Gaming chair

    Explain to me what a gaming chair has that a good office chair doesn't have. Except that they cost $100 more of course just to look cool. People that buy one either get one for really cheap, have too much money on their hand (or someone else that pays for them) or have no idea why they buy one but just do it because tryhards on Twitch do it.
  8. qNxX

    Gaming chair

    Don't get one of those gaming chairs. Get a comfy office chair, preferably go to a store yourself to test them. Maybe they don't look as "cool" and you don't feel like a pro, but you save a third of the money for the same or more comfort. DXRacer, AK Racing, shit like that is basically any comfy IKEA chair with a different cooler looking cover. You pay more for the brand than for the chair itself.
  9. qNxX

    Best pizza in your opinion?

    Pineapple and ham
  10. qNxX

    H1Z1 USB or on computer?

    Not physically of course haha
  11. qNxX

    Status list of each cheat.

    Afaik BF1 was never detected. You just can't be too blatant because of FairFight banning based on stats.
  12. Not playing any of those right now. Only Middle Earth: Shadow of War, after that the new South Park and after that ELEX. Maybe Destiny 2 and the new Assassin's Creed.
  13. qNxX

    Getting banned on faceit without injecting

    I actually received my first ban without even cheating on Faceit. I had the anti-cheat client on my PC alongside a few cheats that weren't related to CS:GO, but other games. Still got banned. I got banned again on another account a few weeks later where I removed the cheats that I suspected got me banned, and I got banned again without cheating there. Could be that they are doing IP or HWID bans. They're not immediate bans, but delayed by about 3 weeks or so. I did get banned rightfully more than a year ago though. So maybe that came back to haunt me, in which case they would be doing IP bans since they didn't have their client at that time.
  14. qNxX

    Crypto mining for cheats

    Everyone should decide for themselves if they want to take the risk of lowering the lifetime of their GPU. Even then GPUs are made to withstand heavy usage for years. Worst case is that your GPU manufacturer doesn't offer warranty for GPUs used for crypto mining if they notice that it was used for such, like I know Zotac does. I mean no remotely popular public cheat provider offers a replacement account if you get banned, same thing. Don't want to get banned? Don't cheat. Don't want to lower the life expectancy of your hardware? Don't mine crypto currencies.
  15. qNxX

    Cheat Console Commands

    Somewhere in the visuals tab. Can't remember where though. Maybe at the bottom of the general visual settings.

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