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  1. Honestly I can't complain at all. Every cheat is known to be detected as some point and I had fun using it while it lasted. I rather have a cheat being down to protect more people from getting banned if it is indeed detected. I've purchased cheats from lots of other cheat providers and when dealing with EAC protected games, most usually last about 1 month or less before getting detected. Chod has the best DBD cheat I've used and it went strong for almost a 1 Year without being detected. No other cheat provider that I know of has done that so kudos to the admins/staff
  2. I used to have a DBD cheat membership , few months back. Was wondering if any new features were added such as 360 spin so you can dodge killers attack?
  3. enyce

    NBA 2k20 Cheats?

    Just curious. I been searching other competitor hack sellers and seems no one ever had a NBA2K hack for sale to get green shots most of the time. Is it cause player base is not big? Would love to buy one but no one seems to sell
  4. same been looking for cheats. but only found one provider who has cheats for this. Cant find any other provider
  5. Hello. I was wondering if the dbd cheat has pallet ESP to show pallets? and perfect skill check like another competitor had