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CireG's 7 & 8 Digit Steam Shop


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All accounts are Unverified, unused. 100% Clean.

Purchase Limit : 3 per subscriber

***7 Digit's Price == $2.50***


-=No Coin=-

Price == $1.50


-=Vac Ban=-

Price == $.75


***8 Digit's Price == $1.00***


-=No Coin=-

Price == $.75






-=Vac Ban=-

Price == $.50

STEAM_0:X:2CDFE13A HL1 Series


I will NEVER go first. I am ONLY selling to subscribers.

Process of Purchasing:

  1. Private Message me with the following info : Steam ID interested in & your skype name
  2. Post here, that you have pm'd me.
  3. I will then add you on skype & reply to your PM

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Send you a message, want to buy all ur accounts.

Nrem, I do apologize I am not interested in selling all the accounts to a sole buyer. My intentions are to provide cheap & low digits to subscribers.

please left me 1 acc 8 digit please...dun take all...

I'll put 1 on hold for you, just send me a pm when you get your subscription status back :-)

I want to buy , pm'ed you.

Added you & replied to your pm.

What games do the accounts have? (I'm assuming the standard HL1 stuff?)

Most have CS or CSS, but there are a 2-3 accounts that do not contain any HL series games. I will mention to the buyer prior to purchases if it does not have it or not.

Lol nerm let us buy one please xD i need acc send you a pm.

Not to worry, I am not interested in doing a bulk sell.

Replied to your pm

PM'd you

Added you & replied to your pm.

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any acc that can have 5 year vetaran coins cireg ?

Most of them do for the most part; I will state otherwise, if the customer selects an ID that will not have it.

Would you sell to an ex-subscriber?

I'll probably rebuy the cheats later in the future when I get more time to play :P

Sorry, only current subscribers. I should be in stock for the most part.

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