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  1. SOLD on other FORUM!!! CLOSE PLEASE
  2. hvent receive anything! pm me again cheers
  3. hwmuch for account 2, pls pm me the price in private ?
  4. damn it i wanna buy some of them so bad, is there any other payment method u have ? or KEYS ? Price is still so much cheap >.<
  5. ye, dw, damn it , i wud like to buy some too, it is like 30% market's price. haha. Lucky anasi tho
  6. Flip Knife ( 15 €) M9 Bajonett Blue Steel Stat Trak (60 €) WOW what a ridiculous price -.- WOW, he is selling SUPER CHEAP. i wud buy some if u got paypal. >.< damn you.
  7. i got HEAPS bro, lol ,6,7 accounts with CSGO VACCED on it. a lot of nice skins. pm me for more details
  8. This is my smurf, hasnt been used it for long time so it is like surplus. Have not used cheat on it. Maybe $12 Not in rush to sell so will only let it go for $12
  9. 150mm wins. im selling my account. LEM RANK, 200mm wins. wanting something around $50 :D/ pm mme if interested
  10. no operation coins, just a clean account with csgo on it. sorry just a bit lazy to attach a picture, feel free to pm me then i can send the link of the account
  11. YES,ofc, if u reach 150mm wins, u will def get overwatch feature.
  12. i added ya not for karambit, just we live same country lol, let's play together sometimes
  13. Aboveeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Looking for AT LEAST $40 if you are interested. PM me
  14. sold all, this thread shud be closed, ty
  15. i sold an account with 600hours and 1 account with 35 hour on it. Still have all the accts above left. Still selling, looking for an offer or negotiation.
  16. ty sir, enjoy it. EDIT: ADDED another account
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