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  1. One 97MM and around 150h, one 53mm and around 150h, one 79mm around 84 hours. They are all from 2004-2005 accounts with 5 years coin
  2. I have three new Global Elite accounts in stock
  3. I also accept skins for people who asked me
  4. I have three Globals now one 83 MM one 47 MM one 73Mm
  5. Well you need to count the 5 years CSS coin acc 7 digits + the CSGO key I paid thats like around 17-18 dollars + the work I did to boost the account. I was thinking about 30 euros
  6. here is the other one I have also a supreme with around 80 matches it can be ranked up to Global if you want
  7. New three global accounts in stock, I also accept skins. The other accounts are sold.
  8. I pmed you but you missed my message on 24 may
  9. You accept any money, I dont have skins